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It’s time for better Energy financial data started with the idea that Energy financial data and analysis needed to enter the modern age.

Last year as oil prices and stocks declined, a small team of Energy financial experts set out to build an Energy-specific, financial data tool in order to stay ahead of and invest smartly on the backside of the turmoil.

First built for ourselves, industry peers consistently told us this is a tool the industry wants. We now agree with them based on demand.

Oil Prices

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We’ve taken the very best experiences from the apps we use everyday and applied them to this technology challenged industry. Created from the ground-up, embracing simplicity and mobility.
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Commodity data and analysis built by a team that knows commodities.

Continual Innovation

We are continually adding to the platform.
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We are a team of technology-inclined financial experts
who focus exclusively on Energy.

Professional-Level Data and Insights.
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